Finnish Death Metal Maniacs Fest



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11-12.09 2 Day Main Event
These tickets come on sale after the 50 first are gone.

EUR55.00 0

11-12.09 2 Day Main Event
Special tix for the fast, 50 first get a free poster.

EUR50.00 0

11.09 Friday Main Event
Maveth, Convulse, Cemetery Fog, Witchcraft, Pestigore, Gorephilia, Archgoat, Purtenance

EUR30.00 0

12.09 Saturday Main Event
Cadaveric incubator, Festerday, Lubricant, Galvanizer, Solothus, Amputory, Necrolepsy, Necropsy, Rippikoulu, Depravity, Skepticism

EUR30.00 0

12.09 Saturday Bar Kino K-18
Rippikoulu (exclusive) Lantern Lubricant 2nd gig

EUR15.00 70

10.09 Warm Up
Krypts, Stench of Decay, Ascended, Decaying

EUR15.00 24
registration ended

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